RISD•Caters C.A.R.E.S


As part of a sustainability program formalized between staff and students, RISD•Caters has taken initiative to use products and practices that have minimal environmental impact. CARES stands for Community, Action, Responsibility, Environment and Sustainability.


In an effort to support our local community and reduce our global footprint, RISD•Caters works with local farmers and food producers such as Rhody Fresh, Vermont Soy, Farm Fresh and many more. The use of local and organic ingredients whenever possible ensures higher quality products to be served.


As part of our mission to promote sustainability, we strive to avoid the use of disposables when possible. Nevertheless, 100% biodegradable Birchwood utensils and 100% compostable corn cups and plates are available. To avoid the excessive usage of plastic, water stations or larger bottles of water are suggested.


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